Ford sets a new record "Ranger-Everest" Big Plot goes to Australia.

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Ford sets a new record "Ranger-Everest" Big Plot goes to Australia.

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Ford sets a new record for 2,910 Big Lots "Rangers-Everest" to bomb the Australian market.

The report from Ford Thailand revealed that the Ford Thailand Manufacturing (FTM) factory and the Auto Alliance Thailand (AAT) factory in Rayong Province. Has set a record for สล็อต happy exporting more than 2,910 Ford Ranger pickup trucks and Ford Everest passenger cars to Australia. This is the highest number of exports on record. Before giving employees a long break during the Songkran Festival

The ATT plant has a production capacity of more than 180,000 vehicles per year, while the AAT plant has Ford production capacity of 135,000 vehicles per year. Thailand accounts for more than 75% of the total production exports. Making Thailand one of Ford's major global manufacturing centers.

Australia is Ford's main export market. Ranger pickup was the No. 1 most popular pickup truck for both 2019 and 2020. The car sells well in many countries across Asia. Pacific for many years, such as the No. 1 best-selling car in New Zealand. And the best-selling pickup truck in Vietnam with more than 50% market share. In addition, in 2020, Ford Ranger is also the best-selling 4WD pickup truck in the Philippines.