3 Things to set If you want to work successfully

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3 Things to set If you want to work successfully

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Stress is always accompanied by work. It mostly comes down to the fact that you anticipate things that are beyond your own strength. Until you put too much pressure on yourself Or is it that you never set boundaries in your work, keep doing it, you don't have a specific goal, so clearly define your scope. There is a limit that tells myself to stop when the limit is exceeded. It will help us to accomplish that much easier. And not too tired

Remember that the company doesn't just have you working alone. So you don't have to do everything. Here are three areas that "successful people" set for themselves.

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1.Keep your time
You have to respect your own time. And use the time to be as valuable as possible, such as checking e-mails for you to check just 2-3 times a day Not looking to refresh 3-4 times per hour, say "no" with the wai that does not affect the work. Know how to control meeting times not to be too long than necessary. And do not waste time on work Either by email or by phone If you've tried it a few times and haven't responded.

Which is any behavior that wastes your time by reason You don't have to Take time to focus on the efficiency and effectiveness of the work. To advance themselves and their teammates, these people will always respect their own time and that of others. He knows everyone's time is precious. When you respect other people They will respect and respect you too.

Therefore, it is important to be aware of time. You can work hard But do not let yourself be tired of working too long.

2. Maintain your own work energy.
When you feel your working energy is getting low The work potential will deteriorate accordingly. Take a step back from the computer and take a break. Do not be harsh, only do what you try to do. Because you control your mindfulness and self concentration Can no longer work out efficiently

Effort is good But trying to keep working even when I'm not ready Is no different from staying in place No matter how much you want to do With little remaining force Does not help the job walk anyway Which people are successful He will know that if the mind is not ready. Does not produce good results in the work, so give yourself a break To reserve energy for other more important matters Or where you need to use your brain

3.Keep your ideas
Don't let other people get a page from your thoughts. When you have an idea or a portfolio of your success. You should make it clear to your teammates that "This is my idea," because career advancement depends on the people who assess your job. If he doesn't know this is your success You will find it very difficult for you to progress in your career.
When working as a team You shouldn't overlook the little things that are your idea. Don't be a person “Pidthongracha” means you have to let the people who will be evaluating you and your teammates know that this is your work.

And have you set some boundaries for yourself yet? Time, energy and ideas to work hard. But you have to have some scope Because being self-centered is just as important as giving importance to work.