Handing out techniques to help you fall asleep easier.

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Handing out techniques to help you fall asleep easier.

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The benefits of sleep affecting obesity or obesity. Who still ignores these matters Try to open your mind and turn to change the sleep behavior. Because every behavior affects your health

Handing out techniques to help you fall asleep easier.
Exercise at least 30 minutes or four to six hours before bedtime.
Eat a banana because the skin of the banana has the same effect as a sleeping pill. And an amino acid called tryptophan, which turns into serotonin When eating, it will help relieve stress, relieve anxiety, and make you sleep well.
Avoid heavy meals Spicy, spicy, or very sweet foods 4 hours before bedtime, because the body takes 2-3 hours to digest food.
Avoid the coffee Alcoholic beverages Or any nervous stimulant beverage 4-6 hours before bedtime
Relax the body And mind before bed by taking a warm bath, walking lightly, or meditating. And should not do activities that stimulate the body and brain until bedtime.

Tidy up your bedroom and get rid of distractions by turning off lights and devices like televisions, computers, and telecommunication devices before bed, but some people may need to play soft music. To create an atmosphere that makes sleeping more comfortable
Avoid smoking as it can make it difficult to fall asleep, frequent wakefulness and nightmares due to the effects of nicotine.
Go to bed time You shouldn't sleep very late. They should go to bed around 21.00 - 23.00 and practice regularly. Including waking up every day Including during the holidays
Go to bed when the body is ready to sleep. Is when feeling sleepy And not in a stressful state Don't try to force your sleep if you're not sleepy.

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