Open up "Gong Yu" with a new mission Protect the human race against the clones, SEOBOK, the last hope of humanity.

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Open up "Gong Yu" with a new mission Protect the human race against the clones, SEOBOK, the last hope of humanity.

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When it comes to Gong Yoo, this name is definitely guaranteed success on the box office. In the past, he has deposited many works Be it the hit series Guardian: The Lonely and Great God or Goblin, Coffee Prince, the worldwide successful K-Zombie movie Train to Busan and the latest action-sci-fi projects. Block buster That he is dedicated and intends to give as a gift for movie lovers around the world with SEOBOK, the immortal human seobok.

In the story, Gong Yoo plays Min Ki Heon, a former spy with a terminal illness. I have lost all hope in my life. But he returned to receive a mission to the human race. It is to protect Earth's first clone man, Seobok, from a group of bad people. And hope to erase Seobok himself from this world Because Seobok is both the person who holds the secret of immortality And it is also the last hope for human beings, including Giheon.

"Just reading the script, I can see the picture. I think it will be a special movie. Giving you an experience unlike anything else Because Seobok has a sharp theme This is what strikes me, ”Gong Yoo said of his latest work.

Min Ki Heon is a young man trapped in the heartbreaking memories of the past. He never forgot the tragedy that had happened in his life. And living with fear when having to wait โปรโมชั่น slotxo for the day to die Until he was assigned an important mission that could not be denied. This mission allowed Kiheon to realize the turning point and the importance of living. Including friendship that the world has not yet seen

“I have to lose weight for myself just like a sick person. Where life hangs in the thread And still have to convey the most complex emotions Until I really thought that I was Kihon. And finally, you'll also be able to see me show off the action as a former spy. I am very full Because everyone has been determined and tried hard on this project. They made me feel I can't let everyone down. ”Gong Yoo prepared and worked.

One person will protect One more clone will be destroyed. With the last mission that must be redeemed for life for the future And humanity's only hope Come join to create a new phenomenon And come out to protect Seobok, the immortal human, opens a special round, screams before anyone, 12 April onwards It will be released in full on 15 April in theaters.