NASA says trials of a Mars helicopter have made more progress than expected.

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NASA says trials of a Mars helicopter have made more progress than expected.

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The National Aeronautics and Space slotxo Administration, or NASA, said the trial of a small helicopter named Ingenuity to fly the test on Mars was unexpectedly successful.

NASA scientists say three flight and landing tests since the start of the experiment two weeks ago have found that the Ingenuity helicopters can fly as fast as they have all been tested. Including experiments on the earth

After a successful first test flight on April 19, the Ingenuity helicopter can soar more than 5 meters from the surface of Mars. Both in the second test last Thursday And the last test on Sunday
In the last test The machine can fly up to about 50 meters from the launch point. At a speed of about 2 meters per second And it took about 80 seconds to complete the entire test, according to preliminary data released by the Perservance probe. (Perseverance) sent back to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). In the California Institute of Technology (California Institute of Technology)

NASA said camera images attached to the helicopter should be ready to be returned to Earth in the coming days.

Ingenuity helicopters make their way to Mars Along with the probe of Persecution Which landed on Mars in February And was released from the probe three weeks ago

NASA plans to use the tiny helicopter to test flight technology in a lighter gravity environment than on Earth. It is designed to rotate the engine faster than it can while test flight on the earth. They are equipped with a special battery and solar panels to enable them to work long and uninterrupted.