Advice on how to lose weight, safe, healthy, complete

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Advice on how to lose weight, safe, healthy, complete

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Obesity is a problem that bothers many people. Which is being overweight It doesn't just affect our shape. But also adversely affects health Because obesity is the cause of many serious diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure, etc. Therefore, starting to lose weight and turn to health care today is important. Let's take a look at some tips on how to start losing weight. That are both safe and effective

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Diet Reduce the stuff that makes obesity. Eat nutritious food

Eating behavior modification It is an important factor in losing weight. Many people probably already know what foods are the cause of obesity, whether they are high in sugar and salt, fried foods, foods in this group should be reduced or avoided. As for foods that contain high energy starch. It should be modified to a flour that is not abrasive, such as brown rice, wheat bread, because it has more fiber. Make it easy to digest The body burns faster. Plus, you should add more fruits and vegetables to each meal. Cut down the flour and meat. For fruits, choose less sweetness such as apples, guava, papayas.Avoid fruits that are high in sugar like durian, grapes, and ripe mangoes.

Moderate exercise Not heavy but continuous

Exercise will help the race to burn excess fat. It also makes different muscles. In the body is fit and firm As well as good for the respiratory system For people with a lot of weight Should start doing light weight loss exercises. Focus on physical movements that are not too heavy, such as walking, jogging, swimming, or cycling on board. Or flexibility With light aerobic dancing Or doing yoga Each weight loss exercise needs to be emphasized not to injure the body. And must not be too tired Can be observed during exercise The heartbeat shouldn't beat too fast. Or feeling short of breath If such symptoms occur, they must be stopped immediately. People who start to exercise new You should start from slow and light, but try to do 20-30 minutes on a three to four days a week.

Be careful about the yoyo effect.

Many obese or heavy people Often faced with yoyo-effect or weight loss problems at first. But then doubled in time That is because it uses the wrong weight loss methods, both taking the medication and the over-fasting. To see results early in the first period because the body does not receive nutrients, the lack of food Weight will decrease, but physical health will deteriorate as well. Which is considered a very dangerous matter Therefore, the correct weight loss Is to control food Do not use, abstain or not eat at all. Choose a healthy diet. Abstain from foods that cause excess weight. Get adequate and proper exercise and rest.

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Most people want to lose weight without exercise. Losing weight without proper exercise and a healthy diet can have disastrous effects on your body. Lack of exercise can result in reduced muscle mass, decreased bone density and various other health complications.